Veazey/Veasey Annual International Reunions

In June of 1993, we had the first annual Veazey-Veasey reunion at the house that John built on Veazey's Neck, with 150 of his direct descendants in attendance ( spite of my living about 350 miles away and being employed full time). This brought 4th, 5th, 6th and even 7th cousins together for the very first time. What was to have been a Saturday picnic on the river became a three day event, beginning on Friday evening.

This event really exacerbated my research as these distant cousins from twenty different states, the District of Columbia, and Canada gave me copies of their family groups and we all set about learning how we fit together. Our Cousin Link hosted the second reunion in Veazey, Georgia, in 1994. Since I had retired, we invited the cousins to tour "Veazey Ridge" in Granville County, North Carolina, in 1995. My goal of publishing my research was realized at this reunion with the release of the Descendants of John Veazey.

In 1996, the Veazeys enjoyed a reunion in Montgomery, Alabama, and in 1997, they traveled to Madisonville, Kentucky. We are loosely following the pattern of migration of the Veazey family. There have never been fewer than 150 to attend and we have had as many as 210 attend a couple of these reunions. Many of these strangers who are distantly related have become very good friends and look forward to meeting again the next year.

We traveled to Chattanooga, Tennessee, in 1998 and to Hot Springs, Arkansas, in 1999. To join us for highlights of the newest reunion, click on the link below. I send out a family newsletter to over 900 cousins with details for these reunions and family news. I hope to publish the next issue any day now with plans for the 2000 reunion in Tunica, Mississippi. Dates for the upcoming reunion are June 16-18, 2000. Watch here for details as we post the new newsletter.

1993-MD 1994-GA 1995-NC 1996-AL
1997-KY 1998-TN 1999-AR 2000-MS
2001-AL 2002-OK 2003-Back to Cherry Grove
2004-Cruise to Nassau 2005-TX 2006-Paris, TN 2007-Eastern Caribbean Cruise

Ann Davis

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